Upselling, Cross-Selling on Shopify has never been easier. Meet Juvico!

Shopify Dynamic Widgets

The key to improving conversions is all about momentum! Have the right call-to-action at the right place and time.

Juvico comes with a set of smart and beautiful widgets. Above all, they are built to ensure a sale occurs by driving the customer towards the checkout with the right products. Secondly, we aim to increase the size of the purchase by recommending the perfect product to add to their shopping cart and to do so at the right time and place.

You can leverage the Announcement Bar for promotions and discounts. The Clever Sticky Buttons, the Quick Button, and the Instant Cart widgets provide a classic call-to-action to engage your customers and help them progress to checkout. The Product Photo Strip and Product Carousel widgets can be used for Upselling and Cross-Selling your featured products.

The widgets perfectly fit together with any shop and have a massive contribution to the above goal.

What do you get with Juvico?

Eye-Catching Graphics

Choose from a variety of widgets, effects, and styles that best fit your shop. They are built to attract attention and create a call-to-action.

Boost Conversions

Boost conversations by promoting the products the customer is more likely to purchase.

Improve Retention

Improve retention by providing personalized recommendations that make returning visitors feel right at home, and allow them to continue where they left off.

Monitoring & Analytics

Flexible dashboards and analytics, allowing you to decide between campaign strategies, and customize those to use the appearance and content for maximum ROI.


Juvico is built to serve mobile users first, as well as desktop users, and therefore, helping you get more out of your mobile customers.

On-Click Setup

One-Click, no code, installation! Start multiple campaigns, customize their feeds, appearance, and styles. All done through easy to use user interface, and without a single line of code.

Personalized Recommendations

Using AI and machine learning algorithms to provide personalized product feeds, designed to leverage users’ attention and turn them into paying customers. Featuring:

  • Personalized Recommendations – Using machine learning and AI technology to offer personalized recommendations to your customers. The algorithm was tailored specifically for Shopify shops, to allow strong prediction capabilities for small shops which usually do not reach millions of visitors that allow significant learning.
  • Recently Viewed – Whether the customer wants to revisit products seen minutes or weeks ago, the recently viewed product feed will make it easy for your visitors to revive lost purchases from the past. Both a convenient tool for any returning customer and a vital tool for shop owners wishing to boost revenues.
  • Similar Products – Specifically designed for Shopify shops, a smart algorithm to identify similar products to the one your visitor is currently exploring.
  • Trending & Popular – Recommend your customers the most popular and trendy products in your store.

Read more about our product recommendation engine to understand how it can help your store.

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