Products Carousel

Create amazing carousels & sliders featuring products customers are likely to purchase. The widget is built to shine in both Mobile and Desktop devices. The widget allows customization of colors, appearance and behaviour to easily integrate into your Shopify store.

Products PhotoStrip

Eye catching widget displaying the recommendations of your choice, with a reactive display suited for Mobile and desktop devices. The widget allows customization of colors, appearance and behaviour to easily integrate into your Shopify store.

Announcement Bar

Present your promotions with a fully customized bar on your online store. Choose from a variety of backgrounds like holiday and shopping day themes, and colorful gradients and patterns. Convert visitors into paying customers and generate more sales.

Instant Cart

Instant Cart comes to solve a common problem with shop owners - abandoned carts. If the cart is full, the user will see a fixed button on the side of the screen, reminding they can checkout quickly at any time. Once clicked, a cart appears on the same page, allow changes in cart and helps to checkout quickly, without ever leaving the page.

Clever Buttons

The clever buttons provide a quick call to action, advancing the customer towards purchse. There is a variety of themes and actions to choose to best suit what works for your shop.

Eye Catching Graphics

Choose from a varity of widgets, effects and styles that best fit your shop, and attract visitors attention to the most likely items for them to purchase.

Boost Conversions

Boost conversations by promoting the products the customer is more likely to purchase.

Improve Retention

Improve retention by providing personalized recommendations that make returning visitors feel right at home, and allow them to continue where they left off.

One-Click Setup

One Click, no code, installation! Start multiple campaigns, customize their feeds, appearance and styles. All done through easy to use user interface, and without a single line of code.

Monitoring & Analytics

Flexible dashboards and analytics, allowing you to decide between campaign strategies, and customize those to use the appearance and content for maximum ROI.

Built for Shopify

Built bottom-up for Shopify, 100% integration with any theme and templates you may use.

Juvico shortens your visitor's path to checkout and helps increase the transaction size in the process.

We employ smart widgets intertwined beautifully with any shop, that gently nudge the visitor towards products they are more likely to buy, or quickly proceed to checkout once they expressed interest in your merchandise.

Announce your new products, promotions, Free Shipping using a fully customized Announcement bar.

Featuring a variety of styles, and themes to Fit any occasion: Holiday and shopping day themes, and also colorful gradient & pattern based themes and styles.

The Clever buttons are used to encourage an action like buying a product, adding something to cart, etc..

They are designed to appear at the right time (for example, when the cart is full), and follow the user until he performs the expected action, like going to checkout.

Choose the action and themes that best match your site style and needs.

The Instant cart button appears when the cart has at least one item and encourages visitors to take action.

Once clicked, a mini-cart is opened for quick changes before moving to checkout. A great tool to reduce occurrences of abandoned carts, and upsell related products using the built-in recommendation slider.

Beautiful and interactive Photostrip and Carousel widgets were built to shine on Mobile as well as Desktop devices.

Customize Style, effects, and behavior - The AI algorithm behind the scenes will do the rest.

Recommend your customers products they are likely to purchase or add to their carts, based on their activity patterns.

Personalized Recommendations

Using machine learning and AI technology to offer personalized recommendations to your customers. The algorithm was tailored specificlly for shopify shops, to allow strong prediction capabilities for small shops which usually do not reach millions of visitors that allow significant learning.

Similar Products

Specificlly designed for Shopify shops, a smart algorithm to identify similar products to the one your visitor is currently exploring.

Recently Viewed

Whether the customer wants to revisit products seen minutes or weeks ago, the recently viewed products feed will make it easy for your visitors to revive lost purchases from the past. Both a convenient tool for any returning customer and a vital tool for shop owners wishing to boost revenues.

Trending & Popular

Recommand your customers the most popular and trendy products on your store.



Limited plan to experiment while building the shop

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Limited Access to Feeds
  • Limited Types of Widgets Available
  • Up to 500 monthly widget views



For newly created shops

Basic plan with limited capabilities, suitable for small shops

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Access to all Feed types
  • Access to all Widget types
  • Theme Customization
  • Up to 5,000 monthly widget views
  • Customer Support



For small-medium shops

All capabilities included, ready to boost your ROI

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Access to all Feed types
  • Access to all Widget types
  • Theme Customization
  • Up to 20,000 monthly widget views
  • Customer Support



For established shops

All-included, high-traffic, perfect package to convert visitors to customers.

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Access to all Feed types
  • Access to all Widget types
  • Theme Customization
  • Up to 100,000 monthly widget views
  • Customer Support