How to create a Free Shipping Rate on Shopify?

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Why create a Free Shipping rate on Shopify?

Free Shipping can be great way to motivate your shop visitors to buy something. There are two ways to accomplish that on Shopify:

  • Setting a special Shopify shipping rate (covered here) – use it for a completely seamless experience for the user (no manual insertion of discount codes is required).
  • Creating a discount code with a FREE Shipping Benefit – provides the same functionality, but in most cases requires the user to manually enter a discount code. However, if you use the Juvico app to create the discount, this option will also be completely transparent to the user.

Both methods allow you to set certain conditions to qualify for the benefit. For example, you can set conditions like country, the amount spent, etc. You can use both methods with the FREE SHIPPING Announcement Bar, but for now, the other Juvico widgets only rely on the second method (seamless discount).

Setup Free Shipping on Shopify

  • On Shopify admin console, go to “Settings“.
  • Click on the “Shipping and delivery” option.
  • If you already have a Shipping Zone defined, click on “Manage rates“. Otherwise, click “Create shipping zone” as seen in the below screenshot.
  • Click “Create shipping zone“. Define a shipping zone name, and select the countries and states you want to include in this shipping zone.
    Press “Done” when finished.
Screenshot of a Shopify shop without shipping zones defined.
  • Click “Add rate“:
    • Choose a Rate name (for example, “Free Shipping”). 
    • Set Shipping Price to “0”.
    • Click “Add conditions“.
    • Set the option “Based on order price“, and set the Minimum price for the same Minimum price as you defined in the Juvico Announcement Bar Campaign.
    • Click “Done“.
  • Click “Save” and you are done.