The Campaign/Widget doesn’t show on my Shop

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Once a Campaign was saved, you should be able to see it live immediately. Here are the common reasons why you can’t:

  1. Max views were reached – Every plan has a maximum limit of widget views. In order to get a higher limit, first login, and then goto the Plans section and choose a plan with a higher limit.
  2. No Products to present/ feed is empty- Some feeds, are based on user interaction in the shop. Examples:
    1. Recently Viewed – If the visitor didn’t view enough product pages, the widget will not appear as the feed is empty.
  3. The theme was changed- follow the below steps:
    1. Log in, and go to Settings.
    2. Disable the service and click “Save”.
    3. Enable the service and click “Save”.

In about 2 minutes, you should be able to see your campaigns live.