Shopify Product Recommendations

Leverage the power of AI to boost sales on Shopify with personalized product recommendations.

Trying to guess which product should be featured or promoted is always an option. However, it’s not an optimal one. Every customer has different likes and dislikes. Customers will respond differently based on the selection you feature, the way, the timing, and placement in your store.

In Juvico, we decided to build a special set of AI and machine learning tools. With those, we better evaluate which products will respond better to each one of your shop visitors. We know Shopify stores are different from shopping portals like Amazon that enjoy millions of shoppers. This advantage allows their algorithms to study and come with better recommendations. More than that, new Shopify stores barely have any order history if at all!

This is why we decided to combine standard learning algorithms with unique ones we developed specifically for Shopify. These algorithms learn the similarity of products and the likelihood of purchase based on their content as well. Combining the advantages of both, we came up with something we are proud of. Super effective recommendations to all Shopify stores!

You can use these recommendations to help customers identify new products they might like. For example, you can use the Product Carousel or the Product Photo Strip for that. In a similar way, you can choose to upsell another product in the cart using the Instant Cart widget.

What Product Recommendations do we Provide?

Using our special recommendation engine, build ad-hoc personalized product feeds, designed to leverage users’ attention and turn them into paying customers:

  • Personalized Recommendations – product Recommendations featuring products based on the historical activity of the individual user in your shop. We also take into account user actions. We identify related and complementary products to the ones the user expressed some level of interest in. Our algorithm was tailored specifically for Shopify shops, to allow strong prediction capabilities for small shops which usually do not reach millions of visitors that allow significant learning.
  • Recently Viewed – offer customers a convenient and luring way to revisit products they viewed in the past. The feed is strong and can withstand customers who left your shop, even if they logged in from another device. This is a very common pattern that is ignored by most.
  • Similar and related products – Offer your customers related products to the ones they view to increase the likelihood they will find what they are looking for and checkout.
  • Trending & Popular – Follow the wave and offer customers a view of the popular products in your shop. Great minds think alike! help your customers follow the herd!

Personalized Recommendations

Recently Viewed

Similar/Related Products Recommendations

Trending & Popular Recommendations

How can I use Product recommendations on my Shopify Shop?

Most of the widgets Juvico provided are using the product recommendation engine in this way or another.

You can choose between the Product Photo Strip or Product Carousel for upselling purposes, or to introduce new products in your shop. You can also use it with the quick cart option available with the Instant Cart Widget or the Clever Buttons Widgets.

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