Shopify Announcement Bar

Let your customers know of special offerings with a beautiful eye-catching announcement bar or header.

Present your promotions with a fully customized bar on your online store, to motivate your customers to add to their cart another item, or create a sense of urgency for them to buy now. Choose from a variety of backgrounds like holiday and shopping day themes to make your shop more likable and appealing. Use colorful gradients and patterns themes to smoothly integrate with shop look and feel.

An announcement bar is a powerful tool that your visitors can’t miss and is equipped with what it takes to increase overall sales, and reducing the occurrence of missing carts.

To get started, consider the Create an Announcement Bar on Shopify guide.

Dynamic Personalized Content

A responsive Announcement Bar can help you promote Special Promotions, FREE Shipping, Discounts, and custom Messages:

  • Dynamic messages showing how much customers have left to add to their cart to qualify for a discount or for free shipping. It creates an urgency to complete the purchase. Therefore, it is frequently used to fight the occurrence of abandoned carts.
  • Free Shipping Bar (or header) can be easily set by using your existing shipping zones configuration or using discounts. These discounts can be created through the Juvico app.
  • Juvico helps you utilize discounts automatically, much like the Shopify automatic discounts. While discount codes are used behind the scenes, for the customer, the experience is seamless – discount codes are inserted automatically on the checkout page.
  • Create multiple bars and headers based on location and other criteria. For example, if you want to offer free shipping in the US, but not to distant locations, you can have separate announcement bar campaigns, for different regions.

Dynamic Messages

Free Shipping Announcement Bar

Announcement Bar Promotions

Featured Products and Collections

Holiday themes and full customization

  • Mobile-first approach to perform best where it counts.
  • Make customers feel at home, with a variety of themes, including special ones for shopping days, holidays, and special occasions.
    • Shopping day themes – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, Singles day, Boxing day, and more.
    • Holiday themes – Christmas, New Year, Labor day, Colombus day, Presidents day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, and Valentine’s day.
  • Customize how the announcement bar appears in your shop to perfectly adjust it to your shop’s look and feel. Customize size, position on page, style, effects, and decorate with emojis.

Shopping Day bar themes

Holiday Days bar themes

Full style customization

Spice things with Emojis

Why adding an Announcement Bar?

There many challenges turning visitors into paying customers for any shop owner using Shopify. In practice, it’s a known problem for any e-commerce store.

One of the advantages of using an announcement bar is that can be used for getting your visitor’s attention to the things you want them to see. Basic Shopify header bars can be created using some of the advanced Shopify themes. However, their static nature is very limiting.

For example, the ability to alert the content of the announcement bar, based on the contents of the customer’s cart, can make a huge difference. It helps you create a sense of urgency and motivate the customer to take action. It can be to add another item to the cart or buy now in order to qualify for a discount, or promotion like free shipping and others.

In a similar way, the rich holiday and shopping day themes can help you make your shop likable. While companies like Amazon, Google, and others have the resources to invest in holiday logos and graphics in the spirit of the holidays, most shop owners on Shopify won’t make this investment. Juvico makes it very easy for you, and also allow you to adjust the right theme based on time and location.

In order to understand how Juvico’s announcement bar affects your shop’s performance, you can install the Juvico Shopify app and try it for free.

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