Shopify Clever Sticky Buttons

Clever Sticky buttons are smart call-to-action buttons that motivate and help customers follow the best action, at a given time.

While visitors browse your shop, there are different actions you probably wish to promote. On product pages, for instance, it makes sense to promote the actions like “buy now” or “add to cart” (ATC) by the use of dedicated buttons. However, if the customer already has something in their cart, a question arises – should the desired action be to proceed to checkout as quickly as possible or try to upsell another product. These questions are important because creating a trigger for more than one action comes with the risk of over gamification of your shop. It can also result in diverting the focus from the optimal action at that time.

Using the clever buttons makes it easy to deploy beautiful sticky buttons on your Shopify shop, and promote the optimal action to increase your sales. You get to decide on the type of actions, the logic, themes, and style, and in 2 minutes, you can have them fully working.

In addition to basic actions like add to cart and buy now buttons, you can promote special promotions and discounts, respond to an active cart with an action calling to go to checkout, or even open an in-page cart for some upselling before moving to checkout.

upsell clever buttons

Dynamic Personalized Action

Clever buttons allow different set actions based on the current state of your customer:

  • On the Product page – display a sticky “buy now”, “add to cart” buttons, or both on the edge of the screen. The add to cart button, for example, can trigger other widgets like in-page instant cart, and so on. The buy now button will lead to the checkout page. It can also pre-populate discount codes, similar to how automatic discounts work on Shopify.
  • If the Cart is full – you can decide to promote actions like “go to cart“, “go to checkout“, or open an instant in-page cart that will allow you to edit the cart contents before proceeding to the checkout page.
  • Default State – This state is valid whenever none of the above states apply. It accounts for around 50% of your page views. In this state, you can use the buttons to offer your customers special promotions and discounts, etc.

Buy Now & Add to Cart Buttons

Go to Cart & Go to Checkout Buttons

Discount and custom Promotions

Sticky Buttons look and Feel

  • Mobile-first approach to look best where it counts.
  • Use Responsive messages that change based on the current state in the user’s flow.
  • Customize how the buttons appear in your shop to perfectly adjust it to your shop’s look and feel. Decide on their placement, choose a theme, font, and colors, effects, and decorate with emojis.

Customize Themes and Style

Responsive Button Messages

Animated Messages

Spice things with Emojis

Why adding Clever Buttons to a Shopify Store?

Building a store requires effort on many fronts. A store owner should have great products and services, they should invest heavily in marketing to bring the right traffic to view the merchandise, and then, it’s time to make a funnel that will eventually lead to a sale. The last action, conversion, is the ability to turn a visitor into a paying customer.

While most of the investment is usually on products and marketing, the act of converting visitors to paying customers is the one that actually counts.

The way for advertisers to assess the effectiveness of campaigns is based on cost vs revenues generated from a campaign. Therefore, an increase in sales will determine the effectiveness of any marketing effort and the store’s success as a whole. This is why the big players like Amazon and eBay invest so heavily in funneling their customers towards the checkout. The same effort goes towards upselling and cross-sells whenever they have a chance). Everything to increase the average revenue per visitor.

How can Clever buttons help?

Juvico’s Clever buttons are a simple tool but an effective one, to translate visitors into paying customers. Having a call-to-action to purchase something using a discount, buy now or add another item to the cart, can make a big difference. The uniqueness of the clever buttons is that they create a sense of urgency to proceed to the next step based on the current state of the user in your shop. Their minimalistic nature ensures that there is only one call-to-action and the user doesn’t lose focus. Momentum is always key!

The clever buttons are sticky and are always there unless the user decides to act on them or dismiss them. They cannot go unnoticed, and seamlessly integrate with any shop, and with every look and feel. They are useful and help the customer to make the next step. For example: go to checkout, buy now, add to cart, and other perfectly suited actions for the state of the user at a given time.

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