Shopify Instant Cart

Allow your customers to view, edit, upsell using product recommendations, and quickly checkout from any page using an Instant Cart button.

The Instant Cart (or In-Page Cart) widget places a call-to-action sticky button on your online shop. Once the button is clicked, a cart appears on the same page, without requiring the visitor to move to the cart page. The customer can view the contents of the shopping cart, edit quantities, remove products, or quickly move to checkout. In addition, the cart includes a product recommendation carousel to assist in upselling additional products.

The Instant cart widget for Shopify allows you to keep the customer momentum going, and proceed to checkout. A great and simple way to elegantly fight the abandoned carts phenomenon.

What can the Instant Cart Widget do for me?

Once you installed the Juvico Shopify app, you can create an Instant cart campaign through the Juvico app. You can choose from a variety of cart button photos to adjust the widget to your shop’s style. The button will only appear when there is at least one item in the user’s shopping cart. The cart button is sticky and will follow the user as he scrolls through pages, and moves between them. A constant elegant reminder to take action and go to checkout.

Once you click the button, the user will be able to see a quick view of the cart contents. Users like to see what is in their cart, but they are reluctant to move to the cart page to do that. It is possible to change quantities, remove items, and of course – quickly go to checkout and complete the order.

An important feature of the cart is the product recommendation carousel embedded within the cart. Users see a few more items they are likely to buy, and an add-to-cart button they can use to quickly add it. The recommendations are based on Juvico’s product recommendation engine that was built from the ground up for Shopify stores. Check the Shopify product carousel for a more complete product carousel widget that can be placed anywhere in your store.

Note that the Instant cart functionality is also available using the clever sticky buttons widget.

Instant Cart look and Feel

  • Mobile-first approach to look best where it counts.
  • Complete control over the button design. Choose the cart image, position, and more to ensure it fits with your shop’s design.

How to fight Abandoned Carts with the Shopify Instant Cart Widget?

One of the common challenges shop owners face, is abandoned carts. Your shop visitors add products to their carts but never proceed to checkout to complete the purchase. There are many solutions out there trying to tackle the abandoned cart challenge:

  • Sending emails recommending customers to purchase the cart they left behind.
  • Marketing campaigns targeting those people after they left the site.
  • Other various types of notifications through social media, etc.

The above options can prove to be somewhat valuable. However, wouldn’t it be easier to nudge your customer towards the checkout while they are still in your shop? Well, It is. It is a lot easier and cheaper to do so than chase them after they already left.

The Shopify Instant Cart widget has a simple goal of keeping your customer momentum going.

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