Shopify Product Carousel

The Shopify Product Carousel and Slider provide an elegant way to recommend new or additional products to your customers.

Getting more out of every customer visit is both a challenge and a work of art. The Product Carousel for Shopify stores is built to achieve exactly that. At the front, stands the Carousel (or slider). An eye-catching, beautiful, and responsive strip of product photos built to make your products shine. Behind the scenes, a sophisticated set of machine learning and AI algorithms that determine which products are promoted using the Carousel. These products are personalized based on historical performance and user behavior. Hence, products that the visitor will be more likely to buy or upsell.

In addition, the product carousel comes with a few important call-to-action options. You can use “add to cart” and “buy now” buttons to help the customer make a purchase quickly. Look and feel are fully customizable. Setting it all up takes a few mouse clicks and no experience of any kind.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Instead of trying to guess which products should be featured in the product carousel or product slider, we can do it for you. We utilize AI and machine learning algorithms to come with a personalized set of products that the customer is more likely to purchase or upsell.

We rely on different algorithms and create personalized product feeds ad-hoc, based on customer behavior and product compatibility analysis. You can have multiple Product Carousels, Photo Strip or Product sliders on one page, with different feeds. The main options are:

  • Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Similar Products and Related Products
  • Trending and Popular Products

To learn more about our recommendation engine and ability to upsell, see the Shopify product recommendation page for details.

Recently Viewed Products

Personalization Engine

Product Recommendations

Recommendations built for Shopify shops

Look and Feel

  • Mobile-first approach to perform best where it counts. For example, when viewed by a desktop device, the product carousel will display as many slides based on the screen size. However, for mobile users, we found that a single changing slide performs way better.
  • You can fully customize how your product carousel or product slider looks like. it is possible to customize the image size, place it anywhere on the page, colors of buttons, borders, text, title, and much more.
  • You can add powerful “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons to each product to make it easier to take action and add an item to the cart or proceed directly to checkout.
  • When Items are added to the cart, additional widgets such as instant cart and clever buttons can be triggered to continue the momentum towards checkout.

Full Style customization

Add to cart and buy now buttons

Place it anywhere in the shop

Perfect for mobile devices

  • Product Carousel admin

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