Shopify Product Photo Strip

The Shopify Product Photo Strip is a new elegant way to recommend products to your customers.

Similar to the Product Carousel in its purpose and functionality, the Product Photostrip widget also became a popular choice among Shopify shop owners.

An eye-catching, responsive strip of product photos built to make your products stand out. The featured items are selected based on your product feed selection. These product feeds are created ad-hoc by our special product recommendation engine with products your customers are more likely to respond to. The photo strip widget does the rest to get the attention and motivate for an action that will lead to a sale. For example, customers can add these products to their cart, or buy them instantly (“buy now” and “add to cart”).

In addition to its classical style and ability to fully customize it, the photo strip has cool effects that cannot go unnoticed. These little animations are subtle, and yet, somehow can make a big difference in conversion rates.

Setting up a product photo strip is quite easy, and only takes a minute or two. no prior knowledge is needed.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Instead of guessing which products you should feature in the product photo strip, Juvico does it for you. Our recommendation engine is focused on providing personalized product recommendations that your customers are likely to buy, or ones that can complement what they have in their cart. The fact we are doing that well, allows you to upsell additional products right before checkout.

The main personalized product feeds we provide are the following:

  • Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Similar Products and Related Products
  • Trending and Popular Products

Recently Viewed Products

Personalization Engine

Product Recommendations

Recommendations built for Shopify shops

Look and Feel

  • Mobile-first approach to perform best where it counts. For example, while hovering effects are used for desktop display, photo strip animated effects are triggered by scrolling. Doing that provides a smooth experience and attention to the featured products while browsing your store goods.
  • The Product photo strip looks and feel can be easily customized. You can adjust the image size, place the widget anywhere on the page, customize colors of buttons, borders, text, title, and much more.
  • Adding “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons to each product makes it easier for the customer to take action. They can easily add an item to the cart or proceed directly to checkout.
  • When Items are added to the cart, additional widgets such as instant cart and clever buttons can be triggered to continue the momentum towards checkout.

Full Style customization

Add to cart and buy now buttons

Place it anywhere in the shop

Perfect for mobile devices

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